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FY2015 Highway Safety Performance Plan.2015 View
FY2014 Highway Safety Performance Plan.2014 View
FY2013 Highway Safety Performance Plan.2013 View
FY2012 Highway Safety Performance Plan.2012 View
FY2011 Highway Safety Performance Plan.2011 View
FY2010 Highway Safety Performance Plan.2010 View

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FY2013 Annual Report.2013 View
FY2012 Annual Report.2012 View
FY2011 Annual Report.2011 View
FY2010 Annual Report.2010 View
FY2009 Annual Report.2009 View
FY2008 Annual Report.2008 View

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2014 Strategic Highway Safety Plan.2014 View
2007 Strategic Highway Safety Plan.2007 View
2009 Strategic Highway Safety Action Plan.2009SeptemberView
2010 SHSP Status Report.2010OctoberView
2009 SHSP Status Report.2009SeptemberView

Document TitleYearMonthView
Traffic Safety Performance Measures for States and Federal Agencies.2008AugustView
The Facts Hurt: A State-By-State Injury Prevention Policy Report.2012MayView
Countermeasures that work.2013 View
Countermeasures that work.2011 View
Countermeasures that work.2010 View

Traffic Safety
Document TitleYearMonthView
Traffic Safety Report Statistics.2011 View
Traffic Safety Report Statistics.2010 View
Traffic Safety Report Statistics.2009 View
Traffic Safety Report Statistics.2007 View
Traffic Safety Report Statistics.2005 View
Commercial Motor Vehicle
Document TitleYearMonthView
Commercial Motor Vehicle Traffic Collision Fact Book.2011 View
Commercial Motor Vehicle Traffic Collision Fact Book.2009 View
Commercial Motor Vehicle Traffic Collision Fact Book.2008 View

Document TitleYearMonthView
Introductory Handbook for DWI Court Program Evaluations.2009SeptemberView
Laws Prohibiting Alcohol Sales to intoxicated person - Legal Research Report.2009JuneView
Preventing First-time DWI Offenses.2009MarchView
Implementing a Citizen's DWI report program using the extra eyes model.2008SeptemberView
Refusal of Intoxication Testing - A Report to Congress.2008JuneView
A Pilot Study to test multiple medication usage and driving functioning.2008MayView
Multiple Medications and Vehicle Crashes-Analysis of Databases.2008MarchView
Drug use, impaired driving and traffic accidents.2008 View
Guidelines for Community Supervision of DWI Offenders.2008 View
WRAP 2008 Corporate Guide to Safe Celebrating and Safe Driving.2008 View
WRAP 2008 Youth Guide.2008 View
Evaluating Transdermal Alcohol Measuring Devices - Final Report.2007NovemberView
Digest of Impaired Driving and Selected Beverage Control Laws.2007AugustView
The detection of DWU Motorcyclists.2007JulyView
Programs Across the United States that aid motorists in the reporting of Impaired Drivers to Law Enforcement.2007MarchView
Screening and brief intervention tool kit for College and University Campuses.2007MarchView
The Nation's Top Strategies to Stop Impaired driving.2007FebruaryView
Citizen Reporting of DUI - Extra Eyes to identify impaired driving.2006SeptemberView
Low-Staffing Sobriety Checkpoints.2006AprilView

Document TitleYearMonthView
Children Injured in Motor Vehicle Crashes.2010MayView
Nighttime Enforcement of Seat Belt Laws-An Evaluation of three Community Programs.2009AugustView
The Long-Term Effect of ABS in Passenger Cars and LTVs.2009AugustView
Evaluation of the Buckle Up in Your Truck Program.2009JuneView
Identifying Strategies to reduce the percentage of unrestrained young children.2009JanuaryView
Increasing selt belt Use through State-Level Demonstration Project.2008AugustView
Identifying information that promotes belt-positioning booster use - Vol I.2008JulyView
Identifying information that promotes belt-positioning booster use - Vol II.2008JulyView
Identifying Strategies to improve the effectiveness of Booster Seat Laws.2008MayView
Occupant Protection Among Older Drivers and Passenger - Vol 1.2008AprilView
Occupant Protection Among Older Drivers and Passenger - Vol II.2008AprilView
Occupant Protection for Children Best Practices Manual.2008 View
The Car Occupant Protection Program .2007AugustView
Safe Kids Checkup Events-A National Study.2007FebruaryView
Primary Enforcement Saves Lives - The Case for Upgrading Secondary Safety Belt Laws.2006SeptemberView
Unconscious Motivators and Situational Safety Belt Use.2006AugustView
Motor Vehicle Safety Defects and Recalls.2006MarchView

Document TitleYearMonthView
Engineering Countermeasures for Reducing Speed.2009MayView
Aggressive Driving: Research Update.2009AprilView
NCHRP A Guide for Reducing Speeding-Related Crashes.2009AprilView
An Analysis of Speeding-related Crashes.2009FebruaryView
Guidelines for Developing a high-visibility enforcement campaign to reduce unsafe driving behaviors among drivers.2007OctoberView

Document TitleYearMonthView
Pedestrian Master Plan.2009 View
Bicycle Master Plan.2005 View

Document TitleYearMonthView
Guidelines for Motorcycle Operator Licensing.2009MayView
Uniform Guidelines for State Highway Safety Programs.2009MarchView
Review of State Motorcycle Safety Program Technical Assessment.2009JanuaryView
Traffic Safety Fact Laws.2008JanuaryView
Effects of Alcohol on Motorcycle Riding Skills.2007DecemberView
Action Plan to reduce Motorcycle Fatalities.2007OctoberView
Traffic Fact.2007AprilView
National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety.2006DecemberView
Motorcycle Safety Program Plan.2006 View

Document TitleYearMonthView
Traffic Records Report.2007 View

Document TitleYearMonthView
NHTSA Traffic Safety Facts.2009 View
NHTSA Traffic safety Facts - GDL Laws.2008 View
NHTSA Traffic Safety Facts.2008 View
Traffic Safety Facts Safety Survey GDL & Driver education.2008 View
National Evaluation of GDL Programs.2006 View
Teen Unsafe Driving.2006 View

Document TitleYearMonthView
Assessment of driving related skills.2009 View
Driver fitness medical guidelines.2009 View
Drive Well: Promoting Older Driver Safety and Mobility in Your Community.2007 View
Traffic safety facts.2007 View
How to help older driver.2006 View

Document TitleYearMonthView
The National Incident Management System.2009SeptemberView

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